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Mountain Metal Arts : Wall Sculptures & Windchimes crafted from Copper, Brass & Steel [home link]


Call for Price

384 IN THE SKY combines one of our most popular theme pieces (Moon/Star/Sun) with one of our most popular concepts (house number signs). The 24" base is steel buffed to a shine. The light does amazing things to the flames of the sun and the stars on the left. Then a special hand technique is applied to create a beautiful, swirling effect that appears transluscent and changes when viewed from different angles. The crescent moon and the stars on the right, also made from steel, are raised 3/4" from the base and heat-treated in quick 6000 degree bursts to create a stunning blue/brown effect. The 384 house number is also made of steel but is coated with a copper-coloured coating. Two legs are attached for mounting outside in the front yard. Perfect for identifying your house in a distinct, unique and creative way.

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